"Jesus came to Nazareth, the place of the hidden life, of ordinary life, of family life, of prayer, work, obscurity, silent virtues, practiced with no witnesses other than God, his friends and neighbors. Nazareth, the place where most people lead their lives. We must infinitely respect the least of our brothers... let us mingle with them. Let us be one of them to the extent that God wishes... and treat them fraternally in order to have the honor and joy of being accepted as one of them."

Charles de Foucauld

Hidden Life - Spirituality of Charles de Foucauld
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  *     A Day-To-Day Journey with Charles de Foucauld             updated: 03.10.2014
  *     I lost my heart to Jesus of Nazareth - Marc Hayet             updated: 01.12.2013
  *     Reflection on Charles de Foucauld and the spirituality of Nazareth             updated: 30.11.2013
  *     The Spirituality of Nazareth - video             updated: 01.03.2013
  *     Legacy of a spiritual master who loved the desert - Eightieth Anniversary
           of the Death of Charles de Foucauld (1996)
            updated: 02.12.2012
  *     Talk by Sr Catherine, Little Sisters of Jesus. London, England (.mp3)             updated: 14.11.2012
  *     Final Message - Bonn 2012             updated: 14.11.2012
  *     The Spiritual Charism of Nazareth - by Gisbert Greshake             updated: 08.09.2012
  *     The Vision of the Gospel that filled the mind and heart of Brother Charles - by Ian Latham
           Little Brother of Jesus  
        updated: 24.08.2012
  *     Charles de Foucauld - Hermit and Explorer - by René Bazin   (Published in 1923) updated: 01.07.2012
  *     Charles de Foucauld in 1904-1905 - by Fr Tony Philpot             updated: 01.07.2012
  *     Christian Marabout, Soldier Monk - Charles de Foucauld between the French
           and the Tuareg
             updated: 27.12.2011
  *     Writings on the Review of Life
  *     Charles de Foucauld by M. R. Hoste, from March, 1936
  *     A Useless Life - Charles de Foucauld (online)
  *     Prayer of Abandonment - in 69 languages
  *     Enjoying Life in Christianity by Simon Laszlo Molnar
  *     Cardinal Jose Saraiva Martins - Bl. Charles de Foucauld: Heart of Christianity,
            Heart of Christ