"Jesus came to Nazareth, the place of the hidden life, of ordinary life, of family life, of prayer, work, obscurity, silent virtues, practiced with no witnesses other than God, his friends and neighbors. Nazareth, the place where most people lead their lives. We must infinitely respect the least of our brothers... let us mingle with them. Let us be one of them to the extent that God wishes... and treat them fraternally in order to have the honor and joy of being accepted as one of them."

Charles de Foucauld

Hidden Life - Spirituality of Charles de Foucauld
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Dear Visitors,
Welcome to the website of NAZARET.
This website was built up to inform and familiarize the visitor to the spiritual way of the Blessed Charles de Foucauld, which can be also called the spirituality of Nazareth. We collect and share information about Charles de Foucauld's spirituality, primarily in Hungarian. In our plans we consider translating the related literature to Hungarian, as well as organizing communities, programs, days of gatherings and retreats based on the spirituality of Brother Charles. If you have any contribution or further interest, please contact us:

emmanuel@nazaret.hu or